All about EQUA CARE packaging

on January 07, 2021
Convenient, easy, and caring for our planet - all at the same time. EQUACARE

Sustainability is at the core of EQUA CARE.

We wanted to create our brand with the full product life-cycle in mind, from the production, transport, user experience, and the impact that it creates once the product is being disposed of.

Our whole philosophy is wrapped around the idea of complete transparency and true CARE for your well being as well as the planet. This is why our products are refillable and reusable, designed to last you a lifetime. 

What is EQUA CARE dispenser made from?

In a search for a perfect eco-friendly solution, we have researched the carbon footprint of different materials and found out that recycled PET is the most efficient option since no new materials need to be produced in the process. 

So to avoid the production of new plastic – that typically ends up in our landfills – our dispensers are made of 100% recycled PET material from the waste of single-use plastic bottles.

What about the material of our refill bags you may wonder?

We are proud to let you know that it is 100% biodegradable! After careful consideration and a long search for the most eco-friendly and moisture-proof alternative for our refill bags material, we have chosen NatureFlex! Made in EU, ecological, and 100% biodegradable material that will help you create even less waste and support your sustainable lifestyle. 

With EQUA CARE refillable body & home care products you can create 30x less waste by refilling your dispenser over and over again and the refill bags you can simply decompose at home.

"Convenient, easy, and caring for our planet - all at the same time."