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EQUA CARE products

To mix EQUA CARE formula please follow this 7 steps:

1) Fill the EQUA CARE dispenser with warm tap water up to the mark.

2) Add a powder formula refill. Insert the refill sachet through the bottleneck to avoid the inhalation of the powder. Shake until empty.

3) Close your dispenser.

3a) Only for HOME spray: Before mixing, make sure you close the nozzle (rotate it to position OFF), so the liquid will not leak while shaking.

4) Shake your dispenser for 30 seconds to mix the ingredients and activate the powder.

5) The optimal density of the gel based products will be reached within 15 minutes.

6) When you mix the formula some pressure may occur in the bottle. You can release it by unscrewing the pump - some extra foam can appear. Clean the dispenser and it’s ready to use.

7) To keep your EQUA CARE dispenser in perfect condition, we recommend rinsing the bottle and clean the pump nozzle before every refill.

EQUA CARE dispensers are made of 100% recycled single-use plastic bottles waste, so no new plastic is being produced in the process. Dispensers are refillable and designed to last. We also chose recycled plastic over glass since it is more lightweight, unbreakable and also safer to use when held by wet hands, especially under the shower.

We also analysed the carbon footprint of different materials and found out that recycled PET is the most efficient option in this case. Our dispenser creates 4 times less carbon footprint than a glass bottle would - glass uses way more energy for production and the transport.

EQUA CARE dispenser and spray bottles are manufactured by our production partner who is an innovative local (EU based) company with more than 40 years of tradition in plastic manufacturing. Also the material (100% R-PET granulat) is coming directly from waste that is collected in Europe's market, where the system of collecting and recycling waste is circular and very well organized.

You can use your own dispenser instead of EQUA CARE dispenser. However, please note that our formulas have a specific texture that has been tested to work with EQUA CARE dispensers. If you are using your own gel dispenser please make sure you follow our mixing guidelines carefully.

The foaming soap has a different texture, it will only work with a foaming pump. Studies show that we tend to use less water when washing our hands with foaming soap.

The volume of EQUA CARE dispensers / bottles are 500 ml (or 16.9 ounces) which enables you some room for mixing the powdered concentrate dose together with water. Refills mixed with water will give you an approximate volume of 350 ml liquid soap depending on the product as follows:

-Dishes: 380 ml (12.8 ounces)

-Hands: 350 ml (11.8 ounces)

-Home: 345 ml (11.6 ounces)

-Body: 360 ml (12.1 ounces)


The shelf live of EQUA CARE formulas depends on the storage. Please note that EQUA CARE body and home care products are all-natural and refined to their essence. They do not include artificial preservatives that are commonly used in traditional care products so it’s important that they are used within this timeframe:

Originally packed powder refills can last up to 18 months if stored in a dry and cool environment.

Once the powder formula is mixed with water, we recommend using the product within 3 months.

EQUA CARE products are suitable for skin allergies in the unscented version as these contain no allergens. EQUA CARE labels are fully transparent. We made sure to reduce the number of components to their essence, leaving no room for artificial preservatives. We strictly source ingredients that are 100% natural or derived from nature. That being said, skin allergies can also show up with natural products. If you know that you have a sensitive skin, please make sure to carefully read the ingredients.

EQUA CARE products are safe on children's skin. Unlike traditional cosmetic brands, we made sure to refine our products to their essence, by reducing the number of ingredients and solely using gentle, naturally-derived ingredients. If you are looking for the purest products, our “unscented” option might be the right pick for you.

The EQUA CARE home cleaning spray is safe to use around pets and all members of the family, and so is the whole EQUA CARE line of products.

For your information, here is a list of common dangerous components that are unsafe for pets and found in cleaning products: phthalates, bleach, ammonia, chlorine, glycol ethers, formaldehyde, benzalkonium chloride; EQUA CARE products do not contain any of these ingredients.

Our products and ingredients are not tested on animals./p>

EQUA CARE ingredients come from carefully selected and trusted suppliers from Europe who all share our ethos of delivering quality natural products, so you’ll know you're supporting businesses that are doing good.

EQUA CARE products are effective. We took the pledge and asked people to test our products anonymously. They couldn’t tell the difference with popular cosmetic brands.

EQUA CARE products are effective against infection from Corona viruses and Covid 19 as traditional soaps in getting rid of stains and fighting viruses as it uses coconut-based cleansing agents. Many viruses, such as Coronavirus are protected by a fatty shell, so a quick rinse with water won't get rid of the bacterias, but soap with water used for 20 seconds does a great job at breaking that protective shell. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommends washing your hands using both hand soap with water as a first choice over hand sanitizer that might not be as effective.

For more information, here is a helpful article on this subject:

EQUA CARE products will not kill 99% of bacteria since the soap contains no disinfectants or bactericidal agents. It will remove bacteria like other natural soap, but it does not kill it.


EQUA CARE dispensers are designed to last a lifetime. To keep your EQUA CARE dispenser in perfect condition, we recommend rinsing the bottle and clean the pump nozzle before every refill.

The EQUA CARE dispenser liquid pump doesn’t not work properly when it gets obstructed over time and this can impact the function of your dispenser. We recommend you remove the pump, fill a glass with warm water and pump the water through the mechanism several times - it should work fine again.

The structure and volume of the EQUA CARE foaming hand soap changed because the pump got obstructed over time and impact the function of your dispenser. Follow the illustration below to wash the net that is making the foam:

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