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Are essential oils dangerous?

on January 09, 2021
Act today, for a better tomorrow. EQUA CARE

Do you ever find yourself looking at the store shelves feeling overwhelmed and uncertain which products to choose?

This is where our all-natural body and home care products come to the rescue!

Nurturing for your skin and kind to the planet, EQUA CARE products are a perfect choice for everyone who wants to adopt cleaner everyday rituals. But still, no change is easy, so you may have some doubts about switching your trusted products to a natural alternative. Will the ingredients harm the skin? Are essential oils safe for you? Should your sensitive skin be worried? These may be some of the questions that pop into your mind and we are here to put the worries aside.

First of all, EQUA CARE labels are fully transparent, so you can easily check all the ingredients. Unlike traditional cosmetic brands, we made sure to refine our products to their essence, by reducing the number of ingredients and solely using gentle, naturally-derived ones, leaving no room for artificial preservatives. 

And when it comes to essential oils - we believe in using them safely rather than not using them at all. 🤍They are wonderful natural ingredients that can have many benefits for our skin & our minds. They can be dangerous when not used safely, so we made sure that all of the essential oils in the products are used at well below the rates that could be irritating to the skin. 

Since products are washed off of the skin, the chances of essential oils causing any negative reactions are even lower. If you know you have very sensitive skin that is easily sensitized, you can choose unscented versions of our products - those are free from essential oils (or any other fragrances).

Choose clean natural ingredients, reusable packaging, and transparent production.

"Act today, for a better tomorrow."

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