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The secret behind EQUA CARE powder formula

on January 03, 2021
No harsh detergents, no synthetic fragrances EQUA CARE

From the very beginning, our mission was to solve the two main problems of most personal and home care products: questionable ingredients and massive packaging waste. In collaboration with a cosmetic scientist, we developed a line of liquid-free body and home care products.

We wanted to refine the most used body and home care products to their very essence and provide you with only 1/10 of the active ingredients you actually need.

Our beautiful all-natural powder formula easily mixes with tap water at home.

To mix EQUA CARE formula please follow this 7 steps:

1) Fill the EQUA CARE dispenser with warm tap water up to the mark.

2) Add a powder formula refill. Insert the refill sachet through the bottleneck to avoid the inhalation of the powder. Shake until empty.

3) Close your dispenser.

3a) Only for HOME spray: Before mixing, make sure you close the nozzle (rotate it to position OFF), so the liquid will not leak while shaking.

4) Shake your dispenser for 30 seconds to mix the ingredients and activate the powder.

5) The optimal density of the gel based products will be reached within 15 minutes.

6) When you mix the formula some pressure may occur in the bottle. You can release it by unscrewing the pump - some extra foam can appear. Clean the dispenser and it’s ready to use.

7) To keep your EQUA CARE dispenser in perfect condition, we recommend rinsing the bottle and clean the pump nozzle before every refill.


What makes it so special?

Well, besides being an innovative product type that is rather challenging to develop, it has two major pros compared to conventional formulas.

  • it eliminates the need for single-use plastic bottles since you reuse the same bottle and just refill it when it is empty.
  • by removing water from the product, we greatly reduced the carbon footprint of product transportation.
EQUA CARE formula is different from many conventional products because it contains naturally derived and biodegradable ingredients only. No impact on the environment.

"No harsh detergents, no synthetic fragrances"