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How do I mix my own EQUA CARE product?

on January 04, 2021
So you have made the first step towards creating a more sustainable tomorrow.  You have ordered your new sustainable and all-natural body & home care bundle and it has just arrived at your doorstep. All you need to do now is play with little DIY magic and of course - enjoy using your products!
Warm water + powdered formula + mix = Sustainable home / body care product EQUA CARE

Follow the steps below and create yourself  brand new product in no time.

  • Take your EQUA CARE dispenser and add warm tap water until the mark.
  • Add a full powdered formula refill to the water.
  • Close your dispenser. Before mixing, make sure you close the nozzle (rotate it to position OFF), so the liquid will not leak while shaking.
  • Shake the dispenser to mix the ingredients / activate the powder*.

The optimal density of the gel will be reached within 15 minutes.

You may notice that pressure is created on the bottle when you mix the product together. Before the first use, we recommend that you release it by unscrewing the pump. Please note that some of the powder might still need some time to dissolve.

"As simply as that!"