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BODY & HOME Full pack
EQUA CARE Body wash gel and dispenser. Gentle to your skin and to Earth. Biodegradable. With reusable pump and dispenser made from single use recycled bottles. Brown colour.
EQUA CARE full body and home collection on the corner of a tub with pumps, foaming pump and spray bottle. Made from single use bottles.
EQUA CARE full body and home back. Best value for money. Box includes 4 dispensers and 8 refills, two of each: Body, Home, Dishes and Hands.
EQUA CARE Dishes from home collection. Clean your dishes with biodegradable powder formula which you simply mix at home with water. EQUA CARE Dishes in use on sink with hands.
EQUA CARE HOME cleaning universal spay in use. Mix active formula from refills with water at home and use it to have a clean and eco friendly home.
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    BODY & HOME Full pack


      All four essentials at your fingertips to treat your skin and your living space in the most respectful and eco-friendly way.

      Best value for money!

      • HANDS – Foaming hand soap dispenser – 350 ml (11.8 oz) & 2 scented refills
      • BODY – Shower gel dispenser – 360 ml (12.1 oz) & 2 scented refills
      • HOME – Home cleaning spray bottle – 345 ml (11.6 oz) & 2 scented refills
      • DISHES – Dish soap dispenser – 380 ml (12.8 oz) & 2 scented refills

       All refills are scented.


      Check here for the full list of EQUA CARE powder formula ingredients.