EQUA CARE dispenser attached to holder on the wall
EQUA CARE holder with dispenser attached to the mirror
EQUA CARE holder attached to the wall, minimalistic design, durable and no screws needed
Easy to mount, EQUA CARE dispenser holder, suitable for wall, mirror or tiles
EQUA CARE holder for dispenser for foaming hand wash

    Dispenser holder

      Attach your EQUA CARE dispenser to any smooth surface material (wall, tiles or mirror ... ) wherever you want it or need it.

      Our custom holder is made from stainless steel with the intention to be minimalistic, functional and durable.
      Black matte finish colour will for sure fit in every space.

      It is suitable for all EQUA CARE dispenser bottles (hands, body and dishes). 

      You can easily attach it anywhere without any screws!
      Just use our strong self-adhesive and water-resistant tape included in the package.

      Height 115mm, Width 42mm.