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Discover our signature blends

on January 10, 2021
Do you know the ingredients you are using on your skin? EQUA CARE

We must admit we are very proud of our unique signature blends. Our cosmetic scientist takes inspiration from nature to find potent, yet safe ingredients, for our eco-friendly formulas. All of the fragrances are made by carefully blending only natural essential oils and extracts, leaving no room for synthetic fragrances.

All four products come in their own signature scents, carefully crafted by our own in house team. 

We made sure to pick only premium ingredients for a premium user experience. 


Hand soap: Forest blend 

Our gorgeous hand soap comes in a  blend of woody essential oils, juniper, cedarwood, black pepper, and others. Rich, soft, and warm woody aroma with a relaxing and calming effect…

Body gel: Ginger and lime blend

We are sure you will enjoy the unisex uplifting citrusy scent of our body gel. It’s a blend based on lime essential oil with a touch of ginger note. Energizing & invigorating - a perfect way to start a day or a pick-me-up after a long day.

Universal spray cleaner: Herbal blend

Purify your home with EQUA CARE universal spray cleaner that comes in a lovely herbal blend lavender, rosemary, cypress, and pine essential oils. Rosemary essential oil freshens the air and removes unpleasant odors.

Dish detergent: Citrus blend

Citrus blend has a main spot in our all natural dish detergent. Blend of juicy citrus essential oils - sweet orange, lime, lemon and bergamot. Besides the sweet and fruity uplifting smell of citruses in our dish detergent, the components in citrus essential oils also work as degreasers, making removing greasy residues from your dishes even easier.

Although our signature blends sound lovely, those of you with very sensitive skin may have second thoughts. Wondering if essential oils are safe for you? Read all about it HERE.


Let us just remind you, that you can always choose the unscented option as well, that even the most sensitive skins will enjoy. EQUA CARE

Try EQUA CARE products for yourself - feel and create a difference.